137 Die Of Nodding Disease Syndrome- Minister Sarah Opendi

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In todays’ plenary sitting, the State Minister for health MP Opendi in her statement on the situation on nodding syndrome in northern Uganda informed Parliament that the total number of deaths to date stands at 137.

She added that Overall, there have been no deaths registered in Oyam, Lira and Gulu districts.


“ Amuru district has registered 4 deaths which occurred between 2016 and 2017. Lamwo district has registered 10 deaths which occurred between 2012 and 2017. Kitgum district has registered 33 deaths, most of which occurred between 2012 and 2014. In 2015 Kitgum district lost 3 cases, 4 in2016 and I in August 2017.” Said Opendi

Parliament also received a presentation from Dr David Lagoro Kitara who proposed that 50 million shillings should be given monthly to the two nodding diseases Centres in Odek and Tumangur. Kitara informed Parliament that nodding disease syndrome is a neurological disease and cannot be transmitted.

“MPs that the disease is actually treatable, but resources need to be allocated and more centres need to be opened.” Said Lagoro

Views from MPs’

“There should be a needs assessment for affected households and rehabilitation centres should be constructed in the districts. He says information obtained by the Acholi MPs indicate actually that there are over 3,000 children with nodding disease with about 1000 dead, contrary to what the ministry says of on 37 children dead and 2,143 cases to date” Gilbert Olanya the Kilak South MP

According to Olanya, the house should approve a supplementary budget and support the nodding syndrome.

“ I challenge Government to allocate the money to Northern Uganda, the children cannot be made to suffer while money is spent elsewhere, the affected children could be future leaders of the country whose lives are being ignored.” David Abala the Ngora County MP

“There should be an audit and investigation into the alleged mismanagement of over 200 million shillings meant for nodding is unfortunate that money is released to help children but some people don’t have the heart to save the children” Jessica Ababiku, the Adjumani Woman MP.

According to the Ministry of Health, to date 1.8 billion shillings has been disbursed to date towards nodding disease in the North.The debate was concluded with pledges from state Minister for Health pledging to find money for the nodding disease centers.



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