Plenary Summary for Wednesday 5th February 2020.

Published 2 months ago -

On 5th February 2020, plenary chaired by the Speaker Hon. Rebeca Kadaga which started at 2.30pm. The House started with matters of national importance which rotated around the safety of members of Parliament with Bunya East MP Hon Majegere Waira confirming to have been attacked and assaulted. Hon. Atkins Katushabe was also quoted as an example. The speaker tasked Hon. Obiga Mario Kania, the Minister for internal affairs to quickly look through the issues raised.

A position paper on the environment was presented. Hon. Gordon Bafaki testified on the difficulties faced in evicting people that encroach on wetlands. Hon. Beatrice Anywar congratulated on her appointment as Minister for Environment and she said that her position focuses more on conservation and Bio diversity.

Hon. Steven Kangwagye from Isingiro decried the failure by Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to pay two Chinese Contractors that had been outsourced to work on two roads within the district. As a result, the bad roads had hampered intra state trade as well as trade with neighboring states like Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He prayed that the House prevail over UNRA to commit to pay the contractors as well as expedite the construction works.

A report by the Committee on Human Rights on the presence of illegal Detention Centers and Safe Houses in Uganda was tabled and read to the House. In the report, the committee interfaced with torture victims of those detention centers such as Hon. Kassiano Wadri among others. It established that there is no law under which safe houses exist and operate. Obstruction by the line minister, Gen Elly Tumwiine of Security was cited.

The debate that ensued resulted into moving a motion by Butambala MP Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi under Rule 108 to censure the Minister of Security Gen. Elly Tumwiine and the House to close with immediate effect all illegal detention centers and safe houses in Uganda.

By ; Mubangi Prosper.



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