A Section of Tororo residents Petition Parliament over new constituencies

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A section of Tororo district residents led by Richard Machika (lead petitioner) have petitioned Parliament through the officer of the Speaker over the proposed demarcation of West Budama County North-East out of West Budama County North.

In meeting with the Speaker of Parliament on Thursday 30th July 2020, the team were concerned that the demarcations that were approved by Cabinet were contrary to those which were approved by the district council.

Richard Machika (lead petitioner ) told the Speaker that the Cabinet gave the new Counties only 5 Sub Counties yet the district council resolution had divided sub-counties among the two Counties with each getting six.

Machika highlighted that the district council approved West Budama County North-East to comprise of six sub-counties including; Kisoko, Nagongera Town Council, Petta, Nagongera Sub County and Katajula while the existing West Budama County North comprises six sub-counties including; Nawire, Sere, Sopsop, Paya, Kirewa and Soni.

Kadaga thanked the team for reaching out to Parliament through her office. She promised to bring the matter to the attention of MPs and the Minister responsible for further action.



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