Aringa South MP, Alioni Odria Speaks Out On Bribery Claims

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Aringa South MP, Alioni Yorke Odria has asked Parliament to set up a committee to investigate claims of bribery against him. Alioni is in the eye of the storm following reports that he allegedly tried to bribe an accounting officer who recently appeared before the Public Accounts Committee.

The accounting officer is quoted to have reported the matter to the PAC chairperson, Angelina Osege for investigation.

“There is no allegation against me and neither is there any hearing against me over bribery allegations. In the several committee interactions with the accounting officers during PAC hearings, I have persistently demanded for strong action against officers who have mismanaged public funds,” Alioni explained during a plenary sitting at Parliament on November 22, 2016.

In his explanation, Alioni noted that there are some accounting officers who want to retaliate against MPs by discrediting some legislators who have acted tough on them during committee sittings.

“These allegations are malicious aimed at destroying my image and tainting my integrity. In this, it also intends to discredit the institution of Parliament and present the accountability committees from executing their oversight role,” Alioni added.

He called on the Speaker’s office to protect MPs from malicious allegations intended to jeopardise the work of MPs and intimidate members as they execute their work.

“Madam Speaker, today it might be me, tomorrow it may be any other MP to face such malicious allegations. This, nonetheless, is not intended to prejudice any formal proceedings I intend to take against the publishing corporation,” the MP said.

He called for an immediate investigation before the week ends to come up with a report on the matter.

“There is no evidence 100% that I have got or have ever tried to get a bribe from any accounting officer or MP,” the MP concluded.

He promised to drag the complainant, whom he did not name, to court.



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