Cabinet disowns directive on UTL simcards

Published 2 years ago -

The Government Chief Whip Ruth Nakabirwa has distanced herself from knowledge of any directive, compelling all citizens to acquire sim-cards of Uganda Telecom, the national telecommunications company.

Nankabirwa said that there had been no cabinet decision passed on the same.

“I at least attended all the previous three cabinet meetings and it was not discussed, may be it was a different forum,” she said.

The Government Chief Whip was responding to public concerns against the directive allegedly communicated by Ms Evelyn Anite, the Minister of State for Investment.

“It is going to be compulsory for Ugandans to hold a UTL line (sim-card) just as it is for you to have a national ID,” the Minister is quoted to have, “You must have a Ugandan line…that is the spirit of patriotism.”

However, Ms Nankabirwa said she would not delve into matters outside her docket.

“I don’t think am in position to really give you the update, because I am not in charge of the docket I don’t know whether they presented to cabinet,” said Nankabirwa.

Evelyn Anite is the current junior Minister for investment and is also known for taking on daring missions, to the surprise of not only the inner circles of the ruling party but also the entire nation.

In the run up to the 2016 general election, Anite took a swipe against Mr Amama Mbabazi the then NRM Secretary General, thwarting his presidential bid from within the party. She accused him of nursing selfish ambitions before she proposed Museveni’s sole candidature.



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