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Citizenry participation in governance

Published 1year ago -

In light of the 2019 Human rights convention theme “Government Action, Citizen Participation and the Rule of Law,” I have been wondering and also examining how much and the extent I have in the recent past years been involved in the governance of my countr... More »

Religion confusion

Religion in Uganda Should Be Regulated

Published 2years ago -

From a pastor who has sold tickets to heaven for a staggering 500 US dollars assuring his congregation of a judgment-free entry to heaven, to one who claimed to ring God on the phone to help him solve a woman’s problem. Religious leaders and pastors have ove... More »


The Uncensored, “Big Man Syndrome”

Published 2years ago -

The Rule of Law is and remains a fundamental cornerstone and component of any democratic society (in this case Uganda). This would essentially mean that every individual is equal before and under the law, therefore calling for respect of these laws by everyone... More »