Committee on Health Meets National and Regional Referral Hospitals

Published 12 months ago -

On Friday 12th April 2019, the committee on Health met with the national and Regional referral hospitals to present their position in the Ministerial Policy Statement 2019/20 for the Health Sector. The meeting was chaired by Hon. Michael Bukenya the chairperson of the committee.


Hospital Unfunded Priorities Budget Estimates FY 2019/20


Women and Neonatal


·         Purchase of specialized drugs and sundries required for some services like IVF (2,150,870,000)

·         Transport equipment like Ambulances and service vehicles (900,000,000)

·         Wages (22,398,598,000)

·         Office and medical furniture (200,000,000)

Budget FY


Budget FY 2019/20 Variance
5.0 billion 28,549,467,912







·         Recruitment of specialists and other staff (14,328,616,668)

·         Procurement of medicines and other supplies (4bn)

·         Procurement of laboratory equipment (1.5bn)

·         Transport (1bn)

·         Maintenance of heavy medical equipment (2.5bn)

·         Extension of medical gases to all the wards in the hospital and provision of a steam generator for laundry and kitchen (1.5bn)

·         Construction of a medical waste sorting bay








Kiruddu NRH  










·         Wage (5,081,900,420)

·         Nonwage (1,709,052,174)

·         Capital Development (1,500,000,00)







Butabika Hospital ·         X-ray machine (800m)

·         Hospital perimeter wall (5.0bn)

·         MRI machine (3.5bn)

14.752 billion 21.315 billion 6.563 billion
Mbarara RRH ·         Phase 2 of hospital expansion (30mUSD)

·         Medical equipment workshop (400m)

·         Upgrading of the oxygen plant (400m)

·         Cancer Unit Construction (10m Euros)

·         Land for expansion (700m)

·         Solar power back up (200m)

10.651 billion 11.914 billion 1.263 billion
Masaka RRH ·         Purchase of ENT and orthopedics equipment (200m)

·         Construction of medical stores (500m)

·         Spares for equipment maintenance (120m)

·         Construction of intern’s mess (500m)

·         Construction of new administration block (1bn)

·         Fencing of the hospital land (700m)

·         Equipping the new MCH complex (2bn)

8.860 billion 8.985 billion 0.589 billion
Mubende RRH ·         Construction of the hospital fence. (0.97bn)

·         Completion of stalled construction of wards (3.7bn)

·         Construction of a blood bank (1.5bn)

·         Staff houses (8bn)

·         Staff transport (0.4bn)

7,918,691 billion 8,059,719 billion 141,028 million
FortPortal RRH ·         Staff accommodation (260bn phased construction over years)

·         Administration block (2bn)

·         Accident and emergency unit (3bn)

·         Assorted medical equipment (5bn)

·         Registry (1bn)

9.072 billion 9.722 billion  0.650 billion
Jinja RRH ·         Expand emergency department (4.00bn)

·         Expand the pediatric wards (4.00bn)

·         Renovation of buildings (3.00bn)

·         Establish ICT system (0.5bn)

Construction of staff quarters (6.00bn)

11.703 billion 12.1 billion 0.397 billion
Mbale RRH ·         CT scan (1m USD)

·         Mortuary (0.5bn)

·         Administration block (1.5bn)

·         Staff Accommodation (3.0bn)

13.412074 billion 14.292 billion 1.0 billion
Hoima RRH ·         Construction of staff house (3.5bn)

·         Complete extension of oxygen piping (0.3bn)

·         Expand installation of a solar system (0.3bn)

·         Secure the hospital (0.3bn)

·         Establish a waste system (0.5bn)

·         Improve Lab services (0.5bn)

·         Construct mortuary (1.0bn)

9.23 billion 9.49 billion 0.26 billion
Soroti RRH ·         Waste management (0.400bn)

·         Infrastructure development (2.0bn)

·         Human Resource Development

8.018 billion 8.579 billion 0.561 billion
Gulu RRH ·         Construction of a perimeter wall (1.0bn)

·         Procurement of a CT scan (2.5bn)

·         Renovation of old buildings

9.238 billion 9.953 billion 0.715 billion
Lira RRH ·         Dilapidated infrastructure (5.0bn)

·         Lack of medical equipment (5.0bn)

·         Staff accommodation (5.0bn)

·         Private wing (0.750bn)

8.810 billion 9.484billion 0.624billion
Moroto RRH ·         Construction of new wards and administration block. (14.00)

·         Construction of phase 3 of the staff accommodation. (2.400bn)

·         Mortuary (0.500bn)

·         Construction of the intern’s mess (2.500bn)

·         Installation of a backup solar system (0.200bn)

6.800 billion 5.750 billion 1.05 billion



  • The committee noted variations in the reporting format of referral hospitals where some hospitals were ignoring maternal care, some didn’t report their critical unfunded areas and many other variations. They recommended to the Ministry of Health to set a standard format of reporting for all referral hospitals.
  • The committee observed a dilemma of dotted construction amongst the referral hospitals. They thus urged the Ministry of Health (MoH) to adopt a system of constructing a staff house for one hospital annually with a uniform structure of construction to curb this plight.
  • The committee recommended equipping of district hospitals by MoH to minimize on the referrals to the RRH.
  • The committee noted a dilemma of the absence of specialists and consultants almost in all referral hospitals.
  • The committee challenged hospital directors and other officials to lay suggestions on curbing the predicament of staff attraction and retainment especially specialists and consultants.
  • The committee recommended to MoH to transfer all hospitals to three-phase electricity and drop the yaka electrification system.
  • The committee mentioned unethical/ unprofessional behavior as a common vice in almost all hospitals most especially in Masaka RH.
  • The committee requested MoH to respond to the predicament of undersupply of diagnostic equipment in referral hospitals.
  • The committee recommended the setting of sanctions for constructors who produce shoddy work citing an example of Kawempe referral hospital that has an immense budget for maintenance after a few years after its opening.
  • The chairperson of the committee adjourned the meeting.



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