COSASE investigates the fraudulent transactions on the property of the departed Asians.

Published 2 months ago -

On the 7th February 2020, the Chairperson Wakiso District Land Board, Mr. Ddungu Livingston and the team, appeared before the Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) Chaired by Hon. Kasozi Ibrahim. The Committee was investigating the alleged fraudulent transactions on the property of the departed Asians. COSASE is interrogating circumstances under which the Asian properties that were fully compensated for by Government ended up in ownership by individuals and companies.

The Expropriated Properties Act Cap. 87 guides the repossession of formerly expropriated Asian properties in Uganda and this provides that eligible persons to repossess the property include; a former owner who was a registered proprietor at the time of expropriation or a shareholder and a duly appointed attorney of any former owner.

Some of the property under investigation include; Plots 33-37 on Kampala road Entebbe and Plot 65 on Kampala road Entebbe. The Committee queried how the ownership of such property changed from leasehold to freehold.

Wakiso District Land Board and the De­parted Asians Prop­erty Cus­to­dian Board (DAPCB) presented the documents including the copies ownership certificates showing how the property ownership was transferred, however, the Committee insisted that the matter was so serious that original files and certificates have to which were presented. This was because there were some variances in the names of the owners and dates on the documents. They are expected to reappear before the Committee on the same matter.



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