Does lawful ‘transition of Presidential Power’ Spook NRM MPs?

Published 5 years ago -

History is made in the 9th Parliament, chaired by the Speaker Kadaga, as members of Parliament failed to agree on a decision to approve a motion.

“Since I have been Speaker, we have never failed to resolve a motion” said Speaker Kadaga

Dr. Bayigga Michael P. Lulume (Buikwe County South – Buikwe District) moved a motion seeking leave from Parliament to introduce a bill the presidential Transitional Bill 2014, which is a private member’s bill. (Meaning it is introduced by an individual and not Government)

luyiggaAccording to the draft bill presented by MP Lulume, Some of the defects in the current law include the lack legislative framework to promote orderly executive power in connection to the expiration of term of office of a president and his inauguration.

PART IV of the billprovides for the swearing-in ceremony to be conducted in the capital city. It also provides that the day the swearing in of the President-elect shall be a public holiday. It further provides for the signing of a certificate of inauguration by the President and the handing over of the instruments of power and authority by the outgoing President to the President- elect. (All these, necessities of any young democracy)

When the speaker asked if Mp Lulume could be granted leave, there was a loud NO, a female voice that later gained momentum as other NRM MPs followed her decision.

According to Parliament’s rules of procedure, it’s a right of a Member of Parliament to seek leave of Parliament to introduce a bill, however, members of Parliament have a right to reject the proposal.

The principal object of this bill is to make provisions for the procedure and ceremony for the assumption to the Office of President.

It achieves this by providing for the requisite arrangements for assumption of office by the President­ elect including the establishment of the Presidential Transition Committee and providing for the procedure for assumption of the, of President by the President-elect, and his or her access to instruments of power and state secrets.

Did the NRM rejection of the motion mean that they hate or are scared of the transition of power?

Whoever came with the phrase, one cannot legislate in assumption; must have referred to the NRM MPs’, for rejecting a motion on a bill whose content they had neither seen nor extensively discussed.

It’s like a teacher awarding a student zeros in an exam, because they do not like their handwriting without reading the answers that the student has written.

The Leader of the opposition, Wafula Oguttu pleaded with the NRM MPs’ to approve the motion to give chance to MP Lulume to present a new bill.

“ This bill is a pure representation of a democracy, its aim is on peaceful transfer of Presidential powers, it will be like shifting power from Museveni to Museveni if he wins” Said LOP Oguttu sarcastically.

But the NRM MPs’ who are struggling from fear of the unknown persisted.

The NRM’s outline rejection of a bill without any objectivity is a screaming silence on how many of the Ugandan laws are passed, it poses questions on whether MPs’ even read the contents of a law or judge it basing on its title.




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