DPP blames slow prosecutions on inadequate funding

Published 3 years ago -

The Directorate of Public Prosecution has blamed slow prosecutions of cases on inadequate funding from the government.

Mr Amos Ngolobe the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions while appearing before the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament of Friday said that this, coupled with staffing gaps complicated the process of investigating cases to conclusion in a short time span.

“Our colleagues in the Police are even at times given supplementary allocation. We don’t receive it and with such constraints we cannot perform as required,” he said.

Mr Ngolobe also said that the Directorate is faced with a budget cut in the 2017-2018 projection, implying that more financial constraints will be faced.

“In the next financial year we are facing a budget cut of Ugx 1.3 billion, this is worrying because we have many pending cases that need to be dealt with,” Ngolobe said.

According to the Directorate, most affected cases are those that are capital in nature, such as terrorism, treason and murder among other. Mr Mathias Mpuuga (DP-Masaka Municipality) asked the Directorate to make its case before Parliament’s budget committee during sector meetings.

“We develop worries when prosecution is not treated with the degree it deserves yet we keep preaching justice for all, please follow this up with Budget,” Mpuuga said. PAC was handling audit queries in the 2014-2015 Auditor General’s Report where the Directorate spent Ugx 235 million as a mischarge.

Ngolobe, who doubles as the accounting officer explained that the funds were mis-charged to cater for funding gaps in critical departments of aiding investigations.

The officials were however faulted for slow implementation of contracts that led to the misuse of 22 billion shillings in the year under review.

The money was meant to cater for ICT installations in several departments but was not fully absorbed by the end of the year.






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