Government Changes Position on LC 1&2 Elections

Published 3 years ago -

In what could be viewed as a ping-pong game, government has announced that lower council unit elections will be held in June this year.

Contrary to information by Minister of Finance, Matia Kasaija in March that the LC 1 and LC 2 elections will be held in 2017, another minister insists that the elections will be held this year.

Justice Minister, Kahinda Otafiire told the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee today April 11, 2017 that about Ugx 15 billion will be set aside to hold the elections between June and August this year to hold the polls.

Otafiire’s statement contradicts that of Kasaija, who last month stated that the Ugx 15 billion that had been earmarked for the polls, had been diverted towards handling the a cute food crisis brought on by long drought spell since late last year.

Last year, there was rope pulling over the elections after the Electoral Commission disagreed with the Ministry of Finance over funding towards the elections.

While the Electoral Commission said it required about Ugx 37 billion for the polls, Ministry of Finance insisted that it could only give Ugx 10 billion. The parties later agreed to raise Ugx 15 billion to facilitate the elections.

The polls were slated for January 2017 however they were postponed to March.



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