Government Gives Ugx 41 Billion For Food Relief

Published 3 years ago -

Government has raised at least Ugx 41 billion to cater for purchase and distribution of food.

According to State Minister of Finance, David Bahati, government has made adjustments from the 2017/2018 financial budget to raise an additional Ugx 15 billion for immediate food relief to the country, currently undergoing severe drought.

Last week, the Minister of Agriculture, Vincent Bamulangaki revealed that at least 1.5 million are at risk due to lack of food while millions were also surviving on one meal a day due to the long drought spell.

Bamulangaki cited Teso, Karamoja, Bukedi, Lango, Acholi, Busoga, districts in the cattle corridor and parts of central Uganda, among areas which have been badly affected by the dry spell and require food aid.

He further said only Ugx 10 billion was available to cater for the food emergency.

During the plenary sitting of February 22, 2017, Bahati revealed that an additional Ugx 27 billion has also been allocated to purchase seedlings to distribute to farmers across the country, on the onset of rains in several parts of the country.

“Government will raise an additional 27 billion to buy seedlings to supply to the farmers so that we can prepare for the next season,” Bahati said, adding that the Chinese government has donated rice towards areas affected by drought.

However, some MPs including Milly Mugeni, Butaleja Woman MP, wondered how government plans to distribute the food rations and what it will put into consideration before sending out the aid.

Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah asked the sector committees which handle the Ministries of Finance and Disaster Preparedness to monitor the release of the funds, as well as distribution of the food aid.



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