Government releases monies to combat the locusts.

Published 2 months ago -

“This financial year, Parliament appropriated UGX 62 billion for the Contingency Fund; they have so far released UGX 32 billion; I can confirm that we have allocated UGX 15 billion for the locusts,” This was a statement in part by the Accountant General Mr.  Semakula Lawrence while appearing before the Committee on Public Accounts-Central Government.

This followed a request by Ministry of agriculture for funding to put in place measures to prevent locusts from entering Uganda from neighboring countries. Mr Keith Muhakanizi  told the Committee that releasing money for the locusts was to forearm Uganda as the roving pests are ravaging parts of North Eastern and Western Kenya.

Regarding public debt Management as raised by the Auditor General, Mr. Keith Muhakanizi noted that the Government of Uganda  and in particular Ministry of Finance was committed in ensuring that all debt payment are programmed and prioritized and paid as and when it falls due.

The MPs however, were concerned about why the Ministry had deliberately chosen to consider domestic arrears as public debt. Hon Mathias Mpuuga highlighted that the inclusion of domestic arrears as public debt could actually place Uganda’s debt portfolio above the safe 50 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product. In response, the Permanent Secretary acknowledged that the arrears are an hindrance to the growth of local companies and individuals who supply Government.



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