Government To Reduce Tariffs at Public Stand Pipes

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Government says it plans to reduce tariffs at Public Stand Pipes from Ugx 38 to Ugx 25 per jerrycan.

The Public Stand Pipes installed by National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) currently provide clean water to urban poor communities at a cheap price than commercial and domestic rates.

While NWSC charges Ugx 35, the vendors sell it at Ugx 50. However, there have been concerns from consumers on hiked prices as high as Ugx 500 during water stressed seasons.

While appearing before Parliament’s Budget committee today, Water and Environment Minister, Sam Cheptoris revealed that following consultations with NWSC, it was agreed that in order to increase more access to the consumers and avoid exploitation by vendors, it was imperative to reduce the rates.

Cheptoris said a tariff plan is currently being drafted to implement the reduced tariffs within two months. He said the vendors will also have a chance to increase their profit base without overcharging consumers.

NWSC has so far installed at least 2700 Public Stall pipes in 178 towns across the country.

The matter came to the fore after a section of legislators on the committee questioned the ministry’s plans to extend clean water to rural communities.

Some of the MPs including Buyaga West MP, Barnabas Tinkasimire wondered why government has failed to provide free water to the whole country.

However the minister said this was not possible, given the high costs involved in treating and  distributing water to the whole country.



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