Government weighs in on the Controversial Murchison Falls Power dam project.

Published 2 months ago -


“The Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with M/S Bonang Energy Ltd. From the Republic of South Africa leading a Consortium that includes among others Norconsult and JSC Institute Hydro project to ender take detailed feasibility studies to guide the decision on development.” This was a statement in part by the Minister of State for Energy Hon, Simon D’UJanga while appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources.

The Minister told the Committee that the Government was going to carry out a study to assess the impact that might be caused by the construction of the hydro-power dam at Uhuru. The MPs questioned the company’s neutrality in conducting the feasibility study and yet it was also the developer for the project. In response the Minster noted that the MPs were right to express reservations on the possibility of conflict of interest. However, he indicated that the Electricity Act, 1999 does not bar the developer from conducting a feasibility study on a proposed project to ascertain its viability.

The Committee chairperson, Keefa Kiwanuka tasked the Minster to explain why Government was interested in conducting the feasibility study on the Uhuru Falls site amidst backlash from the public. In response the Minister told the committee that in order to effectively respond to the questions raised by the Committee, it was in order for the Committee to allow for the feasibility study get answers to the questions raised.



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