Highlights of the Plenary Proceedings of Tuesday 7th April 2020

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  1. The Sitting, presided over by the Rt. Hon. Speaker, Rebecca A. Kadaga, commenced at 3:21 pm.
  2. In her Communication, the Speaker:
  3. Re-admitted Hon. Ssekitoleko Kafeero Robert, MP Nakifuma County and Hon. Kakooza James, MP Kabula County, into the House, having been cleared of COVID-19 after undergoing the full length of their self-quarantine. She clarified that the decision to exclude the said Members from House’s Sittings was not because they were infected with COVID-19 but because they had recently traveled to high risk countries,
  4. Commended Members for heeding the call to record public awareness and behaviour change messages on COVID-19 to be disseminated to the populace. She informed Members who are yet to have their messages recorded, that the Parliamentary Commission would facilitate the process. She asked Parliamentary Commissioner, Hon. Mwijukye Francis to clarify on the modalities for the recordings.

Parliamentary Commissioner, Hon. Mwijukye Francis informed the House that the recording of Members’ public awareness messages on COVID-19, was being conducted in liaison with the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and National Guidance, and that the process would resume on Wednesday 8th April 2020 at 9:00am in the Parliamentary Commission Boardroom on 6th Floor, Northwing, Parliament House. Thereafter the messages will be relayed to the Uganda Communications Commission for onward transmission to various Media Houses for dissemination.

  1. Appealed to the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs to heed to the command of Article 121 (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and expedite the establishment of the Advisory Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy as a strategy to decongest prisons.
  2. The following Statements were made by Ministers:
  3. Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng presented a statement on the fourteen (14) days lockdown strategy; by the Minister of Health.

The Minister further clarified issues previously raised by Members on her reported trip to South Africa, which is considered a COVID-19 high-risk country. She tabled copies of her boarding passes.

  1. Ecweru Musa presented an update on COVID-19 relief food distribution and stock balances in stores; by the Minister of State for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees.
  2. The House passed the Supplementary Expenditure Schedule No. 2, Addendum 1 and 2 FY 2019/20 as follows:
  Addendum (No. 1) in Shs Addendum (No. 2) in Shs Total
Recurrent  203,609,369,305 207,780,760,614  411,390,129,919
Development  435,269,323,000 66,219,239,386  501,488,562,386
Total  638,878,692,305  274,000,000,000  912,878,692,305
Statutory 9,886,705,208 10,000,000,000 19,886,705,208
Grand Total  648,765,397,513  284,000,000,000  932,765,397,513


  1. The House was adjourned at 6:21 Pm to Wednesday 8th April 2020 at 2:00 Pm.



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