Hon Mbwatekamwa Gaffa demands for an explanation from the Ministry of Health regarding the faulty condoms

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“Rt Hon. Speaker, my major concern is how these condoms moved to the market before the testing and who is liable to people who could have contracted STIs, HIV and unwanted pregnancies!” This was a statement by Hon Mbwatekamwa Gaffa (Kasambya County) during the Parliament plenary

This follows the directive by the National Drug Authority (NDA) to Marie Stopes Uganda, a non-government organization that offers reproductive health services, to recall two batches (19040205 and 19050105) of Life Guard brand condoms from the Ugandan market.

Hon Mbwatekamwa wondered how possible it was for faulty condoms to access the Ugandan market without going through standard checks. With disappointment, the legislator noted that he had used the faulty condoms and over 1 million other innocent Ugandans had used the condoms.

The MP demanded for an explanation from the Ministry of Health on how the faulty condoms accessed the market and what would be the fate of the many Ugandans who could have used the faulty condoms before the matter was brought in the know of Ugandans.

The Minister of Health Hon. Sarah Opendi who was present during the plenary session acknowledged that it was true that the faulty condoms had accessed the Ugandan market. The minister however observed that the imported condoms were faulty and not fake as had been alleged by some of the legislators.

The minister however, requested the House to allow her present a formal statement to Parliament regarding the matter on Thursday.



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