Introducing the #MakeUrBudgetUg Campaign

Published 4 years ago -

When we talk about budgeting – we tend to think that is not anything that we should be concerned about. But come to think of it – it is that thing that you do every day as you make a decision on whether use a taxi instead of take a bodaboda to your destination.  When you are trying to figure out whether to buy katogo or just a chapatti for breakfast you are in simple terms looking at what you have to spend vs he need and also what the future holds.

This in simple terms is what we call budgeting. When it comes to the budget for Uganda, the process is just about the same. There are 16 sectors and the people in charge of the different sectors will meet and discuss what their activities for the next financial year are and what they need to accomplish them in terms of monetary support.

This year – the budget process is different. This is because of the Public Finance Management Act. That law stipulates that Parliament meets debates and approves the budget before it is read by the ministry of Finance. To that effect the budget approved will commence on 15th July 2015.

We at Parliament watch are running a Campaign that helps us all understand the budget process even better. The campaign ; #MakeUrBudgetUg does not affect the current budget but is supposed to help demonstrate the extent to which the national budget reflects people’s actual priorities. And the responses have been rather fascinating so far.

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Because of the taxes I know many that cannot afford to buy sugar or salt said an Elder in one of Kampala ‘s suburbs – Kisaasi

A KCCA worker also said the same : “I want to see reduced tax on sugar and salt.” This shows that people are tired of having sugar as a ‘luxury’ commodity in their homes.

Someone who preferred to stay  anonymous said : “The National Budget isn’t made for the poor people in Uganda so I have no say”

This shows that while citizens have the budget being about them – they are not that interested because they do not feel involved in the process.



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