Kadaga calls for lifting of the lockdown

Published 11 months ago -

The Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Rebecca Kadaga has urged the government to lift the lockdown to allow Ugandans resume to work while observing the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

“The government should also consider organizing society to manage how to live with COVID19. How long will this lockdown continue? I think it is a problem for the people, and we need an evaluation to be discussed here in the House,” said Kadaga.

Chairing the Plenary session on Tuesday 14th July 2020, Kadaga said that Uganda had successfully managed to flatten the curve, which she said should guide the government in lifting the lockdown. She added that the government ought to empower Ugandans to learn how to live with COVID19.

Kadaga also called for an evaluation of the Lock-down to help inform future decision. She tasked the Prime Minister to undertake the review to allow Parliament to weigh in and debate the matter extensively.

Hon. Muhamed Nsereko said that close to 400 traders were arrested on Tuesday morning for attempting to re-open their shops in down-down  Kampala contrary to the Presidential directives. He added that Many Ugandans were suffering due to the lockdown, something he said would be managed.

The Speaker thanked the government for the efforts put in place to manage the COVID19. However, she noted that it had reached a point where government ought to start relaxing the measures put in place like the lockdown.



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