Kadaga defends Parliament Radio & T.V

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 For the first time after long, Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of Parliament has come out open on the need for a radio and television owned by the August House. The speaker’s mention which ends public speculation about the matter is premised in the need to counter perceived “negative press” by private media outlets.

“Sometimes the issues they highlight do not necessarily bring what we want the public to know because they (mainstream media) sometimes accuse us… so with this radio we shall be able to give you live, what we are doing,” Kadaga said.

She was speaking at a public debate between parliament and sections of the public on Tuesday which attracted legal brains, ex-politicians and members from the civil society as part of a five day parliament week under the theme, “engaging the public in a people-centered parliament.”

The speaker said Parliament was committed to fighting corruption through fostering accountability, and implored the civil society to take part in the fight.

“We are committed to increasing engagement with civil society and citizens both in the works of plenary and committees of parliament especially the oversight committees.” She said

A radio and Television for Parliament is faced with cold concerns given that in 2005 Government through the Uganda Broadcasting Corporations Act, established UBC TV and Radio as government outlets to cater for concerns often avoided by the profit-driven private media.

However, Dan Wandera Ogalo, a former East African Legislative Assembly member who also served in the sixth Parliament



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