Kaweesi murder: MPs task govt on detained children

Published 3 years ago -

 Sections of lawmakers from the opposition have asked the government to explain why 12 children were detained by police recently, allegedly in contravention of the law.

This comes after confessions by Emilian Kayima, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson that the children were in the hands of police.

Members, including Mr Lateef Ssebaggala and Joseph Sewungu of Kawempe North MP and Kalungu West respectively want the ministers of Internal Affairs explain to parliament, why the children are detained  incommunicado.

“The minister of Internal Affairs has  not come out to tell us under what circumstances the police held the children simply because their fathers are suspects,” said Ssebaggala.”

The children in context were detained after their fathers were arrested in connection with the murder of Kaweesi and have since been in detention for close to a month.

Mr Ssebaggala contends that the Children are very young, aged 3-18 and that police action is not in line with the children’s rights.

“Parents have been crying some of them (the children) were 3-4 years, I request the minister to come with a statement to explain what happened,” he said.

Mr Sewungu said that Police actions were inconsistent with gazette areas as prescribed by children laws in the country.

“This matter is very serious, under the children act ad under Uganda’s laws, areas, where children are detained, must be gazetted and known by government,” said Sewungu

“If a child is mentally retarded we know where they are kept, if they have indiscipline we know it is Kampiringisa, now what does government have to say about this development,” he added.

The lawmaker maintained that the action by the police Force was in total violation of the law and must not pass un-condensed, by parliament which enacts the laws.

Meanwhile, Mr David Bahati the Minister of State for Planning told parliament that cabinet would instruct the minister tasked with internal affairs to respond to the quest.



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