Lessons from the Commonwealth Regional Youth Inclusion Conference

Published 9 months ago -

Being my first time to attend a Youth Conference of this nature, I was very delighted and happy to be amidst youthful, brilliant and passionate young people who appeared to be genuinely interested in the state of leadership and governance of their respective countries. Aware of the increasing number of challenges facing both young people and cities today, it’s quite fulfilling to see young people from different walks of life, with different experiences but with one the same vision coming together and dedicated to identifying ways in which to improve the ineffective status quo.

Quite often the youth have the chance to exchange ideas with elected officials from municipalities around the country. One of my most interesting experiences while attending the conference was a chance of meeting Hon. Mohamed Ali a member of parliament from Kenya representing Nyali Constituency. Hon Ali who is a Journalist turned politician was inspirational. My conversation with him depicted a young person who is strongly passionate about providing proper leadership to his country.

As a young person, my greatest concern has always been how we can take advantage of these conferences to make a difference in our respective countries. This is because although there’s not any real evidence, it is believed that many people attend the conferences after which everyone goes their way ready to attend the next scheduled conferences without acting or reflecting on the past one.

My take home for this Commonwealth Regional Youth Conference was that every generation has goal and mission to achieve, and just as the previous generation of the former president of Kenya HE. Jomo Kenyatta had a mission of liberating their countries from colonialism; it is important for my generation to identify the common course to champion and to fight for.



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