Note: This is our record of what transpired in the meeting. Not verbatim.

Committee meets Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Transport and Works

Discussed in the Committee on National Economy on October 4th, 2017

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The meeting was chaired by Hon Sayida Bumba to discuss the delayed construction of the Kapchorwa Aswan Road and the East African Maritime Project.

The Ministry of Works and Transport was Represented by Eng. Azuba Ntege

The ministry of Finance was represented by Hon Kasaija Matia

In the agenda for the meeting the committee was to consider the delayed compensation and construction of Kapchorwa- Aswan road and the Maritime East African Project.


1. Kapchorwa Aswan dam had not yet been constructed and no indications have been shown to prove otherwise
2. No compensations have been made
3. It is noted that many projects budgets of which have been approved have not yet been implemented
4. The road are very bad and need to be urgently worked on
5. Persons who were inhabiting 13kms were compassed but it took 50% of the budget and the other 25 kilometers has not yet been compensated

1. Why should government enter in regional agreements when not ready to implement
2. The Malaba road is not good and has not yet been repaired
3. The contractor contracted to work on Busia- Malaba road has not been paid
The Aswan high bridge needs urgent attention


1. The minister apologized for the delay in the project commencement
2. 15 km have been valued to amount of 3.4 billion and the figure sent to the chief government valuer
3. 7-25 km are being valued and it will also be sent to chief government valuer and the required funds will be allocated accordingly to aid commencement of the project
4. The 7 km has taken up to 50% of the budget meant for construction therefore the 7-25 km will use up all the money meant for construction
5. The minister then requested for money
6. They expect to receive the money by December 2017
7. The contractor has incurred more expenses in moving material to the site
8. The customs are covered with the laws of Uganda have been covered
9. The minister mentioned that the ministry of Finance promised to release the money once it was available for the Malaba- Busia roads
Many of the projects will be expected to start as soon as money arrive in December and these are expected to take k3 years to completion covering 23-25 kilometers


1. Members argue that the issue arose when the contractor was on site, they do not compensate update
2. There is no clear update on procurement processes
3. Kenya is already progressing in this area and we do not know what is holding us yet the loan was approved and the country is accruing interest
4. The members also noted that over 168 loans have been approved yet only 25 have been implemented
5. On this note the committee refused to accept verbal assurances
6. The committee also raised the issue of including bee keeping, sensitization of FGM and gender based violence as a social cooperate responsibility is being included in the budget yet it is an obligation of the contractor alone
7. The members also mentioned that cabinet is sitting on already accrued loan interests
8. In light of the above the minister was absolved from continuing to reply form the issue because it was a matter to answered by the Minister for fiancé who had not yet arrive for the meeting
9. The committee observed that the minter did not have knowledge and cannot commit on behalf the ministry of finance


1. The minster arrived an hour late into the meeting
2. The minister conformed that money will be provided
1. The members mentioned that loans cannot be taken to floor if not utilized yet there is an interest accruing
2. The members also mentioned that the minister made the president accuse the committee of not doing its work.


1. The minister argued that the many review committees cause delay in releasing money for implantation of the projects
2. The implementing agency, that is the Roads authority are also weak and not properly doing their work
3. The minster of fiancé also mentioned that by the time construction starts , compensation will be catered for and the money can be availed when the ministry of work is ready with all the procurement processes
4. On matter of social projects, the development partners look at the construction of the road and the social issue affecting the road and there is no way the development partners will provide the loan if these social aspects are not catered.


1. The is need for alternative obligations like tree planting along the road can protect the environment and contribute to the climate and environmental protection methods
2. The members noted and inquired how FGM and GBV will be used a form of income generation however recognized the fact that these are areas in which communities need social support but insisted that the ministry move to tree planting instead
3. One of the members of the committee pointed out hoe world bank had rejected a loan because there were social issues to be addressed
4. The minister of finance was then released from the meeting



1. The minister mentioned that the information concerning the project is broad and humbly requested the committed to create time and go through the report and the various allocations
2. The minster mentioned that the price is meant to generate income for the areas involved
3. Information points and centers will be constructed to allow for informed involvement and participation and allow sensitization of masses
4. All member states involved in east Africa will contribute toward this project because the maritime project involves lake Victoria shared by five countries


1. The committee requested the minister to compile a comprehensive report.
2. The member also acknowledged that they will create jobs for the communities
3. They also mentioned that the minster of works should work with the minster of water and gender
4. The minster of East Africa would be an added advantage to the project because it would unite the east African community
5. The committee also noted the backwardness of the country in maritime transport
6. The committee mentioned that the 14 million USD may not be enough for the project to be completed and the minster should revise their figures
7. The minster was then requested to draft a comprehensive report.
The meeting was adjourned until the next sitting.



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