Ministry of Education and Sports Appear Before Committee On Gender Labor & Social Development

Published 9 months ago -

Today 7th March 2019, the Ministry of Education and Sports appeared before the committee on Gender, Labour and Social development chaired by Hon. Alex Ndezi, to present their views in light of the National Graduate Scheme Bill, 2018.

The Ministry  led  the State Minister for Primary Education, Hon. Rosemary Nansubuga Seninde first observed that the initiative to enact a law which establishes a Graduate Scheme to provide an avenue where University graduates will acquire practical skills over and above the academic qualifications was a good idea.  The placement in different workspaces of both public and private organisations for a period of one year, was a welcomed development. She highlighted that the bill was in line with the emphasis being made by Government, the Ministry of Education and Sports and the training institutions to promote apprenticeship in order to produce work field-ready graduates that can easily be absorbed into the labour market.

The Minister further noted that the Ministry had no problem at all with the scheme being placed under the department responsible for Labour in the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social development. This is especially so because they consume and oversee performance of the country’s human resource after we trained it and graduated it into the world of work. However, there was only need to emphasise strong collaboration and links with the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT), which was previously under the Labour Ministry but now under the Ministry of Education and Sports.

In light of the Bill, the Minister observed that, there was need to discuss in-depth Clause 10, on the placement of graduate under the scheme. Issuance of certificate to graduate who for no reasons of his/her making fails to be placed by the secretariat may raise a number of issues and undermine the essence of the scheme. Secondly, as in the case of medical interns who earn during the period of internship, engaging graduates in work or production processes that generate value without addressing their welfare needs during the one year period of internship may be challenging.

Finally the Minister observed that the bill is not clear in defining specific trades of areas of focus since graduates from University cut across a number of disciplines (art and sciences) or even vocations yet these was a critical aspect to be included in the Bill.

Hon Alex Ndeezi the chair of the Committee thanked the Ministry of Education and Sports for their contribution and views. He asked the Minister to provide a written submission of their proposals for easy consideration before adjourning the meeting.



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