Motion for a resolution put an end to the rampant murders and robberies of boda-boda riders

Published 11 months ago -

Hon. David Abala, the Member of Parliament Ngora County, moved a motion before parliament to urge the government to devise a long – term means of stopping the rampant murders and robberies of boda-boda riders

Hon. Abala told the August House that the motorcycle (boda-boda) business offered one of the most commonly used means of transport to Ugandans and foreigners alike. He noted that the business had immensely contributed to the economic and social wellbeing of operators mainly through the creation of jobs and hence offered a significant source of livelihood to many youths and thousands of families across the country.

He informed that August House that there had been a noticeable and distressing rise in incidents of murders of motorcycle (boda-boda)  riders coupled with theft of the motorcycles  across the country with a more recent incident having been captured by a CCTV camera at Kakeeka zone, Rubaga division, Kampala district.  The robbery which happened on 29th of June, 2019 involved two male robbers, who posing as clients, attacked, strangled and hit a boda-boda rider with a stone on the head, killing him instantly.

He highlighted that many of the victims of these attacks leave behind families that have to struggle to survive and some are left disabled and unable to earn a living because offering transport services is the only job they are accustomed to. He revealed that murders and robberies continue to increase to at least five boda-boda riders being attacked by robbers posing as potential clients on a daily basis.

He therefore called upon Parliament to make a unanimous resolution that:

  • The government regulates the business of buying and selling motorcycles (boda-bodas) and the related spare parts and develops a monitoring system where all people involved in the business of buying and selling boda-bodas and spare parts must declare the source of their business stock on a regular basis.
  • The government strengthens the capacity of police and other responsible security agencies to enable them to effectively curb the high crime rate in the country.
  • The government imposes heavier penalties for crimes related to boda-boda theft and murders of riders.



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