MPs make U-Turn on Food Demo

Published 3 years ago -

Members of Parliament under the Teso parliamentary Forum have halted their demo against delays by government to distribute enough food to their regions.

The deadline for an ultimatum given to government elapsed today but the lawmakers instead called for a dialogue meeting. Kumi Woman MP Monica Amoding said the planned demo would have to wait for the outcome of the dialogue.

 “The deadline is now over and we are only waiting for what government is going to tell us in the [Wednesday] meeting,” she said.

Amoding also said that they will not give up their pressure because their voters are losing life to the clawed teeth of famine. “The situation is very terrible, our people have no food and those who can afford can only eat porridge for survival,” said Amoding.

The Tuesday ultimatum was issued by the lawmakers including Ngora County’s David Abala (NRM), Kumi Woman MP Monica Amoding (NRM) as well as Silas Aogon (Ind) and Cosmas Elotu (NRM) of  Kumi Municipality and Dakabela County respectively last week on Thursday.

The members also accused government of dilly dallying as people were locked in famine, and threatened that they would take to the streets at the end of the deadline.

Mr Abala who is currently out of the country on official duties abroad threatened that they would even take to casual labor activities alongside fundraising drives to help raise funds for their dying population.

“We shall ask for available opportunities including car washes, toilet cleaning and anything that can give us money,” said Abala.

Mr Musa Ecweru, the minister of State for Disaster preparedness confirmed the meeting between government and the leaders would take place.




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