MPs to Receive Second Batch Of Vehicle Grant Money

Published 4 years ago -

Another set of Members of Parliament will receive Ugx 100 million each as facilitation for the vehicle grant. The money is given to every Member of Parliament at the beginning of their five year term in Parliament as part of facilitation to carry out constituency duties.

According to Chris Obore, who is the Director of Communication at Parliament, only 250 MPs will receive the money starting November 8th 2016 on their accounts. This is on top of the 20 MPs who received the money in September this year.

Obore said that Shs. 25 billion has been released by the Ministry of Finance and has been sent to the Parliamentary Commission, which will pay the MPs. He explained that this time around, the first batch of money will be paid to new MPs who do not have election petitions in court, a sharp contrast from the previous payments where all MPs would receive the money at the beginning of the term of Parliament.

“We want to be cautious in order not to incur double payments. That is why the Parliamentary Commission made this decision,” Obore explained. At least 118 MPs had their elections challenged in the High Court.

Obore says the Commission said it is currently engaging with the Ministry of Finance to release funds to cater for MPs who were re-elected to the 10th Parliament. Parliament expects to receive the second payment of Ugx. 100 million in March next year.

Currently, Parliament has a total of 431 MPs and Parliament budgeted for Ugx. 64 billion to cater for the kitty.




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