National Theatre not for sale

Published 3 years ago -

Members of parliament on Gender, Labor and social development committee have directed government to issue a strong order to artists and detractors to back off the National Theatre plan for redevelopment

MPs who include the Workers MP Rwakajara Arinaitwe ,Nakasongola district woman MP Margaret Komuhangi says the re-development of the theatre is of national importance as the land mark is currently in a poor state.

Workers MP Rwakajara Arinaitwe has castigated artists and their sympathizers for giving put wrong information to public which has put the country on edge. He stressed that the land the theatre sits on has and will not be sold as has been reported by various media outlets.

 He also accused government of neglecting some of its national property. He cites the Nomo Gallery and the National Theater which he decries has been hijacked by individuals to carry out personal businesses.

Also appearing before the committee was the Executive Director of the Uganda National Cultural Center Peter Francis Ojede who assured the committee that the land tittles of the National Theater and the land it sits on are in the possession of the Center and he has shown this to various groups including parliament to alleviate their fears that the theater is up for sale.

State for Gender Peace Mutuuzo assured the committee that national theatre will be preserved and a few renovations will be made to give the theatre a much deserved face-lift.

She also defended parliament against claims that the redevelopment is another way for parliament to hijack national property and use it for parliamentary work. She refuted these claims and called them idle talk.



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