“No more cleavage & sleeveless blouses” – MPs agree

Published 3 years ago -

 Sections of lawmakers have supported the provision of a strict dress code for Public Servants after the government issued a memo warning them to dress decently.

Female staff, according to the new guidelines will not be allowed to show any cleavage, wear brightly colored braids or hair extensions, sleeveless blouses or any clothing made out of see-through material.

Their male counterparts will have to wear long-sleeved shirts, jackets and ties, and loose trousers, and whoever fails to comply faces disciplinary sanctions.

Reacting to the matter, lawmakers including FDC Spokesperson and Opposition Whip Ibrahim Semujju Nganda as well as Aisha Sekindi and Hanifa Kawooya of the NRM all agreed with the new directive.

Kawooya (NRM-Sembabule) who described herself as, one of the most outspoken advocates for women’s rights said that decency was a must for all women.

“Why would you move in public with exposed thighs and breasts, all women must be fully covered. A woman’s body just like food must be carefully covered to gain the respect it deserves.” ” she said.

“How many people would like to be given uncovered food, I guess there is none so all women and men alike must advocate for this decision,” said Kawooya.

Like Kawooya, Kalungu woman MP Aisha Sekindi (NRM) said that the provision would help mitigate what she called a wasteful Western Culture.

“I hope this is of good intention and we should all support it as women of this country, for the sake of preserving our traditional culture,” she said.

The Opposition Chief Whip, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda (FDC-Kiira Municipality) said that whereas he would support the initiative, the government should bear in mind the implications of the said disciplinary action.

“I am only wondering how government can for instance sack an officer for dressing a mini-skirt,” he said.

He also blamed the increasing levels of indecency on absence of a clear religious undertaking by Uganda.

“You know we are not a religious country, if we were, we would not be having all these things happening,” said Semujju. Mr Semujju, a Muslim himself, said that government was chasing hot air and out to be careful while implementing the provisions.

Meanwhile, whereas the women will be allowed to wear trouser-suits, they have been cautioned against wearing any tight-fitting clothing. The Memo also says that  all dresses and skirts must at least be knee-length.

The Minister of State State for Ethics and Integrity Fr Simon Lokodo, says that this is in good spirit especially in the face of the anti pornography act.




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