Parliament Appoints Audit Firm to Audit the Auditor General

Published 2 years ago -

Parliament of Uganda has after 12 years approved an audit firm, Kisaka & Company to audit the office of the Auditor General of Uganda.

According to article 163 of the 1995 constitution, the accounts of the office of the Auditor-General shall be audited and reported upon by an auditor appointed by Parliament.

The Auditor General’s role is to audit and report on the public accounts of Uganda and of all public offices including the courts, the central and local government administrations, universities and public institutions of like nature, and any public corporation or other bodies or organizations established by an Act of Parliament.

However, for the last 12 years, Parliament had not appointed an independent auditor to do the task.

The appointment of the Auditor General has been marred with controversies of audit firms reportedly asking for more money than is available, while others have worked with the Auditor General before in a space of three years and therefore their independence queried. In other cases, successful consortiums had fights in relation to managing the audit.

In a heated debate in the house, some MPs questioned the local company Kisaka & Company of its capacity and independence. Parliament approved the commission to go ahead and appoint the audit firm which was successful in the bidding.

MP Robinah Nabanja, a parliamentary commissioner moved the motion to appoint an Auditor to Audit the Accounts of the office of the Attorney General, stated that Kisaka and company met the requirements and outcompeted two other firms. The firm will use Ugx 900 million to audit the auditor general over the last five years.

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“Only three firms bided to audit the AG because the requirements for the bidders was that one should not have worked with or for the auditor general in the past three years” said Nabanja

Some MPs were however quick to call for an international audit firm to audit the Auditor General.

“The Auditor General is experienced and employs the best and well experienced auditors getting a local firm without capacity might go to waste” said Hon Charles Ilukor

MP David Abala, however called for the house to support local content by approving the selected auditor.

“Its not good to give a vote of no confidence to the commission and also to the audit firm without testing it” said Hon Abala

The House unanimously approved the motion for Parliament to appoint a firm to audit the Auditor General’s office.



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