Parliament condemns the inaction of Government over the murders of Women

Published 2 years ago -

Members of Parliament have condemned the inaction of government over the several murders of women. The leader of opposition, Hon Winnie Kizza said that government’s failure to present a statement in Parliament shows incompetence in handling the murders. Unfortunately, none of the Ministers concerned were present in the house to react or give an explanation.

Last week the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga while addressing the media on the killings of women, directed that the Minister of Internal Affairs should present a statement when the house resumes from recess.

The minister of Local Government Hon Tom Butime told the house that once investigations were complete, the culprits will be apprehended. However, the Members took this as a slap in the face saying government is not taking the issue too seriously.

Hon Winnie Kizza said that this shows that government is trivializing the brutal murder of mothers. Hon Odonga Otto moved a motion that the house be adjourned until such a time when the ministers of Security, Internal Affairs and Defense present a statement. He added that Parliament needed to take a firm stand because the situation had run out of hand.

The deputy Speaker had earlier directed that the Minister of internal affairs presents the statement on Thursday 7th September. “We shouldn’t conduct any business until we get answers on the murders of our women”,- Hon. Odonga Otto said.  “The matter of mothers of the nation being killed is not a trivial one. We need a statement from Government immediately”. Hon Winnie Kiiza added.  The deputy speaker put the question to vote and the MPs overwhelmingly voted in favour of Hon Otto’s motion.

The house adjourned until the Minister of Internal Affairs presents a statement on the murders.



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