Parliament lifts sim card registration deadline

Published 2 years ago -

Parliament has today adopted a motion urging government to lift the sim card registration deadline by one year.

The motion tabled by the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Winnie Kiiza was unanimously supported by all lawmakers, although some suggested bringing forward the timelines by six months.

Kiiza convinced that House that many people are yet to get their national Identity cards and they cannot be subjected to an effect clearly caused by negligence and delay of the National Informational Regulatory Authority.

The leader of opposition stated that only two languages have been used to communicate about the Friday deadline. Uganda is a country with forty actively used languages, but communication was apparently made in English and Luganda.

Although the Chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa supported the extension, she cautioned that legislators to be mindful of the security demands at hand.

Before the motion was adopted the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga blamed government for undertaking decisions without consulting with parliament.

“All these things are being done without consulting us, both the first and second time, there was no consultation,” she said.

Kadaga also agreed that many people in the countryside were yet to receive their cards yet in some instances, there were alterations of deliveries.

“The people of Serere were given Identity cards from a different district, and they realized this after a long time, “said Kadaga.

In the motion, Ms Kiiza said that some telecom companies had technical shortcomings in capturing people’s detail, something that would not be slapped on  “helpless citizens”.



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