Parliament Passes a Motion to Pay Glowing Tribute to Ms. Quiin Abenakyo

Published 1 year ago -

During the Parliament sitting on Wednesday 23rd 2019, Hon. Amongin Jacqueline moved a motion to honour Quiin Abenakyo for her outstanding performance in the Miss World Pageant 2018. Abenakyo, who was attending Plenary from the Parliament gallery was applauded by Members for raising the Uganda flag high and promoting tourism in the country. Members proposed that Government should extend support to her so that she can realize her goals of supporting the girl child education and addressing issues that affect women and girls.

Hon. Kiwanda Godfrey, the state Minister for tourism congratulated Ms. Abenakyo and noted that the Ministry will work with her to promote tourism and that the Ministry will facilitate her in the activities she will be involved. Members, however, were not pleased with the planned work arrangements and proposed that the Ministry gives her a formal employment contract. The Speaker, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga asked the Ministry of Tourism, and Public Service to come up with a proposal for Ms. Abenakyo’s employment. The motion to pay tribute to Miss World Africa—Quiin Abenakyo was passed by Parliament.



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