Parliament pays tribute to Dr Mungherera

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Parliament has honored fallen Ugandan Psychiatrist, Dr Margaret Mungherera who succumbed to cancer in India.

Mungherera 59, was sung by the August House as a committed Ugandan was rise to Head the World Medical Association was out of her generosity and a big heart to save lives. The motion was moved by Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, the Prime Minister of Uganda in appreciation of her 30-year dedication to the medical fraternity.

“Appreciating that the late Dr Mungherera was a dedicated medical practitioner who treated her medical profession as nothing but a calling to serve mankind and fought tirelessly and passionately for the welfare of health workers and quality treatment of patients regardless of their status,” Rugunda said.

Mungherera was the first African and Female Psychiatrist to head the World Medical Association.

Speaker after speaker at the floor of parliament, members gave their own testimony on their acquaintance with the fallen doctor. Dr Chris Baryomunsi the Minister of State for Housing said that Mungherera was a healthy worker with exceptional qualities.

“In 2012 when I was arrested because of the [Late Cerina] Nabanda discussions, she was among the first Ugandans to come and see me in the cells at the time when even fellow MPs feared to visit me in the coolers,” Baryomunsi testified.

Baryomunsi also told parliament that until her death, Dr Mungherera demanded an effective health care system in the country.

Opposition Whip Ibrahim Semujju Nganda described Dr Mungherera as an icon of selflessness, a woman of special tribute and a Ugandan recognised by the globe.

“A few years ago Dr Margaret became a common face in this building [Parliament] not because she was seeking a rep of neither was she as a subject of any committee investigation,…but rather doing possible lobbying for fund against, cancer,” said Semujju.

Semujju said that “it is tragic that she has succumbed to cancer as government priorities remain skewed and the health sector sufferers the weight of unbalanced priorities.’ Dr Mungherera was also posthumously honored by Gulu University which raised him to the rank of Professor of Psychiatry, in recognition of her commitment and dedication to services rendered to the university.

The fallen Psychiatrist served as the president of the World Medical Association between October 2013 and October 2014, during which she facilitated several policy interventions to promote good ethical practice in the world, and champion human rights of patients and physicians.

She was on Saturday, February 11, 2017, laid to rest at her ancestral home in Butaleja.



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