Parliament screens UK PM Question Time For legislators

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Parliament has started airing the Prime Minister’s Question time of the House of Commons for its legislators.

A copy cat of the 45-minute session was introduced during the 9th Parliament to allow MPs ask the Prime Minister questions of national importance and policy matters.

The Prime Minister’s Question Time is a session where rapid questions of less than 10 seconds are asked to the Prime Minister. In March this year, Speaker Kadaga  directed the Clerk to Parliament to start screening the session in the House of Commons.

The screenings started on April 16, 2017 at the main lobby at the South Wing of Parliament, where one of the television sets screened the proceedings of the House of Common from 11 am to 2 pm, before the plenary sittings commence.

The decision stems from persistent concerns raised by the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga and her deputy Jacob Oulanyah, over the manner in which the 45-minute session held every Wednesday during the plenary sittings is handled.

Last week, Oulanyah put MPs on notice over the manner in which they asked the Prime Minister questions, with some laboring to make sense for more than five minutes.

He revealed that he had noted a number of MPs who did not make good of the question time to ask brief questions, while others spent a lot of time giving explanations.

“What I have decided to do is to take note of those members who do not ask their questions sharply and when I am presiding, I will not pick them,” Oulanyah warned, adding, “If I pick you and instead of asking a question, you start elaborating for five minutes before the question is posed, I will not pick you because you deny all the other members who have sharp questions to ask the Prime Minister the opportunity to ask”.

However, Parliament Watch saw a number of legislators stop by briefly with the majority of them seemingly un-bothered.

Kadaga urged them to find time and watch the proceedings.



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