Parliament unhappy with the Government of Kenya for defying the several bilateral trade agreements

Published 11 months ago -

Parliament has today passed a motion expressing its disappointment with the Government of Kenya for defying the several bi-lateral trade agreements signed regarding exportation of Uganda produce and products to Kenya.

In a Plenary sitting on Wednesday 16th July 2020, Members of Parliament expressed concern over the move by the Kenyan Government to stop the importation of raw Sugarcane from Uganda. The members were also concerned that Kenya had in the past two years stopped the importation of Ugandan products like milk, eggs, among other products.

John Bagoole, Luuka North County MP, the mover of the motion told the August House that farmers had suffered losses in terms of rotting cane, losses of funds spent and spending high costs of hiring the trucks for an unforeseen number of days.

“Our farmers have suffered serious losses as a result of the defied bi-lateral trade agreements by Kenya. If you go to the border now, many trucks are carrying raw sugarcane which has started to dry up. The owners of the trucks carrying the sugarcane are charging the farmers to carry the sugarcane, which is a big challenge to the farmers.” Said Bagoole

Bagoole called on the government to expedite the construction of a sugar factory in the Busoga region to avoid a repeat of the current ban by on export of sugarcane by the Kenyan government. He also urged the government to consider reviewing its trade agreements with the Government of Kenya to establish the practicability of such agreements in the prevailing circumstances.

Hon Geoffrey Macho, Busia Municipality MP, called on the government to stop with immediate effect importation of good from Kenya as a response to the move by the Kenyan Government to stop the importation of Ugandan raw sugarcane. The member noted that the move would ignite a dialogue between Kenya and Uganda.

Macho further noted that it was disappointing to see that its Uganda is the only active member in the East African Community. He called upon the government to reach out to her counterpart in the East African Community and dialogue on how to strengthen the region.




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