Private University lecturers and casino employees petition Parliament over COVID19 pandemic bailout

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Private University lecturers under the Consortium of Private Universities Academic Staff in Uganda (COPUASU) and casino employees have petitioned Parliament through the Speaker, seeking a government bailout following the COVID19 pandemic.

In a Plenary Sitting on Wednesday 16th September 2020, the Speaker informed the MPs that she continues to receive petitions from different groups for bailouts from Government.

Kadaga said that the recent petition she received was from Private University lecturers and casino employees, who informed her that they had not been earning for the last six months.

The request by the lectures included; Phased reopening of Universities, the establishment of an emergency fund for relief to the private University staffs, the government supplies their SACCO with twenty-five billion four hundred million (25.4 billion) and that government establishes a development fund for Members.

“Their request is for government to have an intervention of an emergency financial relief or bailout for private universities staff,” Kadaga said in her communication to plenary sitting on Wednesday. “They also request that the government supplies their SACCO an estimated amount of 25.4 billion to create a revolving fund for members and the phased opening of universities with the observance of SOPs.” Said Kadaga.

The Speaker urged Government through the Minister of Education and Sports and the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, to come up with concrete measures to help people that have no income, yet they have to survive.



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