(Repost) Parliament Watchdog Connects Ugandans to Women MPs Through Twitter

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Uganda's parliament in session. Photo by
Uganda’s parliament in session. Photo used with permission from parliament Watch Uganda.

Ugandans are taking advantage of social media to bridge the gap between citizens and legislators, thanks to Parliament Watch Uganda, a virtual tracker that monitors the Parliament of Uganda on a regular basis and provides both relevant data and expert analysis.

On 26 February, 2015, the initiative organized the #MPsEngage Twitter chat with women members of Parliament (MPs) to discuss the topic ‘Making Women Count in Legislative Processes’. Three audiences participated in the chat in real time: the people of Gulu in Northern Uganda, female members of parliament and Uganda’s social media audience.

Gulu is a post conflict district in Northern Uganda. It was the center of conflict between the government of Uganda and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Women in the area face many challenges inherited from the war and the general neglect of the central government.

Members of the audience in Gulu asked questions via microphones, which were tweeted to the MPs by a social media expert in the audience.

During the chat, the female MPs were tasked to take stock of their achievements and challenges that they’ve faced during their term in office.

Ugandan social media users took it upon themselves to comment, quote and direct the attention of their followers to #MPsEngage.

-Credit: Global Voices
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