Speaker directs Kampala Minister to explain to Parliament on the plans to execute a ‘Bodboda Free Zone’ within the city

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The Speaker of Parliament has directed the Minister for Kampala to appear before the August House to explain plans to execute a ‘Bodboda Free Zone’ within the city.

Chairing the Plenary session on Tuesday 28th July 2020, Kadaga wondered why the Minster for Kampala had gone ahead to issue guidelines to send boda bodas out of the city centre without public consultation.

Parliament is in the Central Bussiness centre and I don’t remember if there was a public hearing to hear our views. I think that the Minister for Kampala should come and explain to Parliament the Bodboda Free Zone plan: I think that the people of Kampala should be given a hearing.” Said Kadaga.

Following H.E the President directive for boda boda operators to resume ferrying passengers, the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) issued a new map showing different demarcations where boda bodas are supposed to stop (‘Bodboda Free Zone’).

The Speaker received a petition from the Boda boda operators on Monday 27th June 2020 regarding the new directive by KCCA to establish a Bodaboda free zone that limits operators from accessing some parts of the city. The operators were concerned that ‘Bodboda Free Zone’ would disadvantage most of them.

Kadaga questioned the process in which the guidelines were developed citing lack of consultations. She highlighted that the new plan needed input from the MPs.

“There was no public hearing on this proposal. How will our mail people and other motorcycle users access the city?” she asked.

The Chief Government Whip Ruth Nankabirwa thanked the Speaker for highlighting the matter and inviting the Minister to come to Parliament to explain the concern. She promised to inform the Minister for Kampala to come to Parliament to guide on the same.

Nankabirwa was, however, keen to note that the Minister was operating within the law that allows the Minster to develop guidelines for the good order and development of the City.



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