State House Seeks Funding For Presidential Jet Maintenance

Published 3 years ago -

State House is seeking for Ugx 6.2 billion shillings to facilitate routine maintenance of the presidential jet and helicopter.

State House Comptroller, Lucy Nakyobe, while presenting the institution’s budget for the 2017/2017 financial year before the Presidential Affairs committee on January 23, 2017, told legislators that the current budgetary estimates are meager to fund maintenance of the chopper and jet.

Nakyobe presented the budget before the committee, in which under unfunded priorities, Ugx 4.6 billion is provided by the Ministry of Finance, out of Ugx 10.8 billion budgeted for by State House.

Committee chairman, Fred Mwesigye acknowledged the need for money to maintain the presidential jet to be provided.

“These machines must be properly maintained so we need to get the money,” Mwesigye said.

The committee was informed by Nakyobe that under unfunded priorities, Finance ministry provided Ugx 20.25 billion for travels abroad, contrary to Ugx 26.2 billion budgeted for by State House.

She stated that Ugx 3 billion out of Ugx 6.3 billion was provided for procurement of additional vehicles while Ugx 7 billion which State House had budgeted for refurbishment of State House was not provided.

Also, only Ugx 1 billion out of Ugx 6 billion was allocated under the poverty alleviation programme to set up model villages.

However, some legislators including Hellen Kahunde and Rukia Chekamondo, lamented that only a few districts. Nakyobe, in response, stated that it was the prerogative of the President to direct on where the model villages should be set up.

“It is the President who decides on where the villages are upon request from some local leaders,” Nakyobe explained.

The total budget for State House has been reduced from Ugx 257 billion in 2016/2017 to Ugx 242 billion in 2017/2018 financial year.



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