Statement on the closure of Kagadi General Hospital in the district

Published 3 months ago -

Following the concern raised by Hon. Eric Musana of Buyaga East on floor of parliament about closure of the General Hospital in Kagadi District due to a breakdown of water supply and medical equipment, Hon. Ruth Achieng the Minister of Health made a statement on the same before the August House.

The Minister said that Kagadi Hospital was under the Local government’s mandate as per the functions and services for which district councils were responsible, subject to Article 176(2) of the Constitution and sections 96 and 97 of the Acts. She noted that upon learning about the alleged closure, the Ministry of Health followed up on the matter with the district leadership and hospital management to ensure Hon Musana’s concern was addressed.

The Minister assured the House that the Ministry of Health had since established that there was never a closure of the hospital but a temporary scale down of services in areas where water was much needed due to the breakdown of the main water pump. During the week of 29th of July to 5th of August, the hospital registered 639 visits at its out-patient sections, 49 deliveries were conducted, 264 Antenatal Care (ANC) visits, 444 laboratory tests were conducted and 483 patients were on admitted on the four major admission wards, including on the maternity ward.

The Minister further informed members that the Ministry of Health had learnt that following the water pump break down, the district officials and hospital stakeholders had met to discuss quick solutions to the water shortage. The stakeholders’ meeting resolved to have the motor to the water pump replaced, the district water bowser truck be used to supply water to the hospital units like maternity and theatre to avoid any further disruption of health services . She highlighted that the district had agreed to purchase a new motor for the water pump at estimated UGX 10 million shillings which was expected to be delivered and installed by Friday, 9th August, 2019.



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