The Pan African Parliament (PAP) condemns xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Published 2 years ago - 12

“The Pan African Parliament (PAP) has with utmost concern noted the ongoing xenophobia in South Africa resulting in killings, maiming of people and destruction of their property. South Africa, natives’ are attacking foreign African nationals, their businesses and property, which is likely to reverse all gains and freedoms enjoyed by the Africans. The Ugandan delegation condemns these attacks and calls on the government of South Africa to do everything within their means to end the violence and guarantee the safety of all foreigners as well as locals and their property.” This was a statement by Hon. Amongin Jacqueline on behalf of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) before the August House.

Hon. Amongin told Parliament that in the recent sitting by the members of the Pan African Parliament, they unanimously condemned the xenophobic violence in South Africa and equally appealed to the South African government and African Union to find means where Africans could live together in peace. She said that they had been in Midrand, South Africa, where PAP meetings are held in August this year and that they had successful committee meetings and they left the country without any incident of violence against non-natives.

They noted that the Pan African Parliament (PAP) was optimistic that peace would be restored for everyone ahead of the next PAP meetings in October 2019. She urged the South African government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to settle the unrest in the shortest time possible. She called upon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Uganda diplomatic facility to guarantee the safety of Ugandans who are in South Africa and those who were intending to travel to South Africa.

The MP also asked the Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to cooperate with the government of South Africa to prosecute the perpetrators since the killings are recorded on cameras and are done in the broad daylight, Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Embassy of Uganda in South Africa to document the number of Ugandans who had lost their lives and property and assist them appropriately and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to forward the concerns of the Parliament of Uganda and the people of Uganda to the government of South Africa to assure Ugandans that Pan Africanism is promoted as per the  motto, “One Africa One Voice.”



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