The Progress of the Marriage and Divorce Bill

Published 7 months ago -

Parliament this week in its plenary session chaired by the Deputy Speaker Hon. Jacob Oulanyah, was set to debate the Marriage and Divorce Bill 2009, as had been scheduled in the Order paper to be read of the “second reading “by the Minister of Constitutional Affairs. However, the Deputy Attorney General Hon. Mwesigwa Rukutaka stood to request the house to allow the Bill to be read in two months’ time. In his submission, he informed the house that, aware of the contrivances in opinions on the Bill, the government was not fully prepared to present the Bill for the second reading.

He informed the house that the Government of Uganda, the Law Reform Commission and the different stakeholders like the Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s), were still undertaking consultations and it would only be prudent that they are given at least two months to allow for the consultations to be concluded.

The deputy speaker in his ruling allowed the Deputy Attorney-General’s request. He however, highlighted that, the Marriage and Divorce Bill has been pending for a long time which has kept the public in tenterhooks. Therefore, he called upon the government to be expeditious while handling the matter.



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