The Sugar Bill, 2016 to be returned back to the President for assent.

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“Therefore, the Sugar Bill stays the way it was passed by this House and that is what will be communicated to the President” This was the statement by the Rt. Hon. Speaker Rebecca Kadaga during the 28th sitting on Wednesday 18th of March, 2020 regarding the motion for reconsideration of the Sugar Bill, 2019 returned to the House by H.E the President.

Parliament passed the Sugar Bill, 2016 in November last year (2019). The Bill sought to provide for the development, regulation and promotion of the sugar industry to ensure that there is sustainable, diversified, harmonized, modern and competitive sugar sector. However, the Bill was not assented to by the president because of the absence of zoning, which would give way to the entry of other small scale players into the industry, the major sugar manufacturers would have been undermined leading to a drop in their output.

Article 93 (4) of the Constitution provides that; where a bill has been returned to Parliament under clause (3)(b) of this article, Parliament shall reconsider it and if passed again, it shall be presented for a second time to the President for assent. Clause 5 of Article 93 (5) provides that where the President returns the same bill twice under clause (3) (b) of this article and the bill is passed for the third time, with the support of at least two-thirds of all members of Parliament, the Speaker shall cause a copy of the bill to be laid before Parliament, and the bill shall become law without the assent of the President.

During the session, the Speaker invited the Chairperson to the Committee on Trade Hon Robert Sebunya to present the submissions of the committee, to which he told the House that the committee had no amendments to the returned Sugar Bill, 2019.

The Speaker told the House that the President would be informed that the Sugar Bill was passed and there are no changes that have been made.



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