This Month in Parliament (1st – 31st of May, 2020)

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  1. Supplementary Requests

Parliament considered and approved a total supplementary request of UGX 33,332,550,832 of which UGX 9,172, 713,255 was for recurrent expenditure and UGX 24,159,837,577 was for development expenditure.

  1. Bills

Parliament considered and passed;

  • The National Local Content Bill, 2019
  • The National Payment Systems Bill, 2019

Hon. Mawanda tabled Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2020 for the first reading. The Bill seeks to amend the Constitution of the Republic of to remove the Governor and deputy Governor Bank of Uganda from being chairperson and deputy chairperson respectively from the board of directors of the Central Bank; to provide for the functions of the Governor and to provide for the governor as the Chief Executive Officer of the Central Bank; to provide for the resignation of a member of the board.

Parliament granted Hon. Othieno Okoth , Hon. Dr Sam Lyomoki and Hon. Okello Anthony respectively, leave to introduce private Members Bill titled;

  • Real Estate agent Bill, 2020
  • The Leadership Code (Amendment) Bill, 2020
  • The Fish (Amendment) Bill, 2020.


  1. Motions

Parliament considered and passed;

  • Motion by Hon. Ssemujju Nganda that sought to express displeasure on what he called disparaging statement against Parliament by H.E President while addressing the nation on the controversial UGX 10 billon allocated to Parliament on the Supplementary Budget. .
  • Motion moved by Hon. Okello Bonny (MP Kole North County) paying tribute to H.E President Kaguta Museveni for his continuing exemplary and insightful leadership during the #COVID19UG Pandemic in Uganda
  • Motion for resolution of Parliament to alter Boundaries of Arua District to create a new District called Terego comprising of Terego County East & Terego County West.


  1. Laying of Papers for Supplementary Budget


Proposal to borrow up to;

  • USD 224.0M from African Development Bank (ADB) and U.A 37.54M (USD 51.0M) the African Development Fund (ADF) to Finance the Kampala City Roads rehabilitation Project. The Motion replaced the motion earlier considered by Parliament to borrow up to USD 219M from ADB and USD 55.6M from ADF to Finance KCCA
  • USD 300.0M for Budget support for FY 2019/20 from the International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank group to provide sufficient financial resources to the Health Sector and to mitigate Negative effects of COVID19 on the economy of Uganda.
  • SDR 361 Million (USD 491.5 Million) from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for balance of Payments and the budget support to address the negative effects of COVID19 in the FY 2019/20.


  1. Committees


  • The Parliamentary Committee on National Economy met Stakeholders to assess the impact of COVID19UG on the Economy in a bid to recommend to Parliament stimulus packages for the affected sectors.
  • The Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights is currently handling mater of allegations against Bryan White of Sexual abuse and torture. Parliament took interest in the allegation after of National Importance was raised by Hon. Henry Maurice Kibalya (MP Bugabula South) after they went public with the allegations that Bryan White had abused them sexual and tortured them.


  1. Ministerial Statements


  • Statement by Minister of Internal Affirms (Hon. Obiga Kania) on the arrest and brutal torture of Hon. Zaake Francis by Security operatives and the specific actions taken by Government of Uganda against the perpetrators.

The statement was however, not discussed by Parliament following the concern raised Minister of Internal Affirms that the matter was before the Courts of Law and that debating the matter would go against the Sub- Judis rule.

  • Statement to Parliament on a Report by a Technical Team of the East African Community Alleging that some Medical and Dental Schools in Uganda have Inadequate Facilities to Train and Graduate Medical and Dental Practitioners.
  • Statement by Minister of Education on omission of the History of Bunyoro – Kitara from the History and Political Education Syllabus in the Curriculum issued by the Ministry of Education and Sports.
  • Statement by Minister of State for Higher Education on Incomplete Construction works and Destroyed Classroom Roofs at Sigulu Seed Secondary School .
  • Statement by Minister of Education on the need for an affirmative action quota on the Higher education Students Financing Scheme to specifically accommodate applicants from Northern Uganda whose education was disrupted by decades of insurgency
  • Statement by Minister for the Presidency on the alleged unwarranted intimidation and harassment of a Health Worker of Ediofe Health Centre three Arua district.
  • Statement by Minister of ICT on the census of all Radio Stations in the Country and their Coverage
  • Statement by Minister of Finance on the delayed payment of terminal benefits of former employees of KCCA despite the Court verdict and Presidential directive on the matter.
  • Statement by Minister of Defence on the dubious actions of unscrupulous surveyors under the facilitation of UPDF who were planting mark stones across 3 Villages in Amuru District.
  • Statement by Minister of Justice on operations of the Judicial System in the Country Especially in the Non-Observance of the Human Rights during the Lockdown Period
  • Statement by Minister of Education on Government’s plans to conduct a countrywide distribution of education revision materials to all students
  • Statement by Minister of Minister of Health on Government of Uganda plans to procure face masks for all Ugandans.
  • Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs on Government of Uganda plans to evacuate Ugandan Citizens stranded overseas as a result of the COVID19
  • Statement by Minister of Lands on the actions taken to enforce adherence to building standards and regulations on the numerous accidents occurring at building sites, statues of compensation of affected families and steps taken to stop their re-occurrence
  • Update to Parliament on COVID19 Pandemic in Uganda by the Rt. Hon Prime Minister






















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