Uganda Revenue Authority Appears Before COSASE

Published 1 year ago -

Today 9th April 2019, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) officials led by the Commissioner General, Doris Akol appeared before the Committee on Commissions Statutory Authority and State Enterprise-COSASE chaired by Hon. Munyagwa Mubarak, to respond to queries in the 2013/14 financial year Auditor General’s report, and also provide the committee with accountability on the disappearance of 9000 litres of petrol under their custody.

According to the Auditor General report, URA seized up to 110,000 litres of petrol from a company belonging to John Imaniraguha more than 9000 litres of which URA has since not provided accountability for the mentioned product.

The Commissioner General, Doris Akol confirmed that indeed it was true that the petrol was seized by URA on May 30th, 2006 for tax non-compliance of Shs. 90M. She noted that contrary to the information in the media on the disappearance of the fuel, the fuel after the seizure was stored with Shell Uganda given the nature of the product. She further revealed that the fuel was impounded on suspicion of fraudulent transactions.

However, Hon Paul Mwiru, the Jinja East MP raised the concern that they had received information from the complainant, that after he had cleared the taxes in question, he found less fuel than what was originally there which forced him to petition the tax body.  URA was subsequently asked to pay the complainant Shillings 63.3M as compensation for the missing fuel. In response, James Kisale, the then Assistant Commissioner responded that at the point of seizure, it was an oversight of a URA official who had failed to measure the fuel when they impounded it.

However, after a heated conversation Ms Agnes Nabwire, the Assistant Commissioner Customs, disclosed that the fuel went missing when it was deposited with Shell Uganda. This was however protested by the Committee which through Hon. Munyagwa noted that the disappearance of the fuel was unacceptable considering the fact that URA is supposed to be a custodian of impounded goods in the country.



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