Uganda Revenue Authority presents the Ministerial policy Statement FY 2019/2020

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On the 3rd April 2019, the Commissioner General, Doris Akol and the team from Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) appeared before the Finance Committee of Parliament and presented their Ministerial Policy statement FY 2019/2020.

Mrs. Akol informed the Committee that URA registered an increase in the net revenue of Uganda Shillings 14,456.11 billion in FY 2017/18 from Shillings 12,719.6 billion in 2016/17. She informed the committee that URA had achieved the highest revenue growth rate in the East African Region (15.1% ahead of Rwanda Revenue Authority).

The Commissioner informed the members that URA established a Uganda electronic Single Window (UeSW) to enable international traders and government to submit regulatory documents. This has also reduced clearance time, cost of doing business and enabled issuance of electronic certificates.

It was reported that URA made a revenue collection of Shillings 12,169.85 Billion as of March 2019, posting a surplus of Uganda 356.03 Billion.

The projected revenue target for URA in the FY 2019/20 is 20,252.4 Billion. The budget allocation to URA in the FY 2019/20 is UGX 431.26 Billion (2.13% of the projected revenue target).

The Commissioner presented to the Finance Committee some of the achievements by URA in the compliance management which include;

  • Easily accessible platforms such as; Online Mobile, Visa and Net banking
  • Development of data warehouse
  • Recovered 60.68 Billion through increased enforcement innervations
  • Neutralized tax fraud schemes which were over 334 cases.

The Committee chair, Hon. Musasizi Henry asked the Commissioner and the team about how much money URA had collected from the Mobile Money taxes. In response, the Commissioner noted that URA had a target of collecting Shillings 115 billion from taxes on Mobile Money transactions. However, she did not give the exact amount of revenue that URA had already from Mobile Money taxes.

The commissioner furthermore informed the Committee that between January 2017 and December 2018, the government lost over 20 billion shillings because of the porous borders which made it challenging for URA to collect taxes from all the commodities entering the Ugandan borders. Mrs. Akol informed the committee that as a measure to counteract the tax evasion on the borders, URA introduced an e-tracking system which monitors and tracks all the goods that pass via the borders. She noted that over 54,000 cargo containers had already been e-monitored.

Committee members urged the URA officials to come up with strong measures to curb tax evasion by some individuals and enterprises that tactfully dodge paying the taxes.



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