Ugx 524 billion supplementary Budget tabled in Parliament

Published 3 years ago -

Parliament has today received the supplementary schedule for the financial year 2016-2017  – Ugx 523.9 billion

The schedule tabled by Mr David Bahati, the Minister of State for Planning gives a lion share to the Uganda National Roads Authority, the Ministry of Defence as well as the Ministry of Works. They are to take 155 billion, 60 billion and 31 billion respectively.

The Office of the President and State House will share Ugx 4.4 billion shared as 1.7 and 2.9 respectively.

The supplementary budget was tabled in line with Section 25 of the Public Finance Management Act (2015) which demands that the Ministry of Finance tables any additional resources over and above those approved before they can be used.

The law also demands that in cases were the funds have been used, the supplementary estimates showing such funds used must be presented to parliament,  within at least four months.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the Ugx 523.9 billion supplementary budget for the top beneficiaries.

President’s Office 1.7 bn
State House 2.9 bn
OPM 15 bn
UNRA 155 bn
Defence 60 bn
Works 31 bn
Agriculture 17.8 bn
Finance 11 bn
KCCA 6 bn
National Medical Stores 27 bn
Universities 5.6 bn
Districts 78.9 bn
Others 112 bn

Details of the supplementary budget indicate the UNRA will use Ugx 7 billion of it’s allocation for the preparation of feasibility studies, preliminary designs and, environment and social impact studies as well as resettlement action plans on Hoima- Wanseko oil road. The rest of the funds will be used to end activities on major roads construction in the country.

Meanwhile, according to the supplementary estimates, Ugx 2.9 billion was spent by State House as classified expenditure and another Ugx 20m was spent on drinks and special meals in the president’s Office. Ugx 49m was spent on welfare and entertainment while Ugx 22m was spent on books and periodicals.

In the Office of the Prime Minister, Ugx 15b was used to purchase emergency food for people in hunger stricken areas. Ministry of Defence justified its Ugx 60b expenditure above its original approved Ugx 810bn as classified expenditure and operational shortfalls.



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