UPDF comes under fire for impunity and Brutality against Ugandans

Published 2 years ago -


Members of Parliament raised concern on the continued brutality of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) on fishing communities. MPs raising on matters of urgent national importance noted that the UPDF guarding the Uganda waters and fishing communities have been terrorizing the citizens.

The Speaker Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga informed the house that she received a Kenyan delegation led by two MPs who complained about the brutality of the UPDF on the Kenyan waters, and informed the house that she has raised the same issue to the President.

Members of Parliament asked the UPDF representatives in the house to explain why their force is soiled with indiscipline. Lt.Gen. Koreta Ivan told the house that whereas it is true that there are individual cases of indiscipline within the force, the UPDF does not condone indiscipline and brutality against anyone.

The Speaker retorted that UPDF is not the only force, on the waters and there have been no complaints against the Tanzanian and Kenyan forces.Hon Nsamba Oshabe also noted the presence of UPDF in each of the areas with natural resources. He cited the mining villages in Mubende, where citizens have suffered at the hands of the army officers.

She reiterated that this matter has come up on the floor at least four times within the last couple of months and no action has been taken.

This comes at the back heel of public outcry on the brutality and excessive force meted against ordinary citizens and MPs alike following the Arua incidents, brutality against journalists covering protests and the invasion of Parliament during the age limit fracas. This refutes the claim that the UPDF is one of the most professional and indiscipline army.

The Speaker Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga directed the Prime Minister to address Parliament on the persistent impunity and brutality of the UPDF since the Ministers of defense have failed to deal with the issue.



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