Uphold Ssebaana legacy – Ssemujju tells government

Published 3 years ago -

 Government has hailed fallen former Democratic Party President John Ssebaana for his contribution to the democratization process of Uganda.

In a motion to pay tribute to the late Ssebaana, Government through the Prime Minsiter, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda hailed him for his contribution to the democratization process of Uganda. Dr Ruhakana Rugunda described Ssebaana as one the selfless leaders Uganda has ever had.

“He was a strong advocate for democratic governance and contributed to the development of multi-party politics in Uganda,” said Rugunda

According to Rugunda, Mr Ssebaana “served this country with dedication and patriotism, a distinguished man whose life and example touched a life of many, in many positive ways.”

He also said that the late Ssebaana offered himself to the service of our country in both political and business, all of which he served so diligently.

The Opposition Chief Whip Ibrahim Semujju Nganda then asked government to uphold Ssebaana’s legacy by respecting the constitutional underpinning on the Presidential age limit.

Semujju says that it will be a sign of betrayal for government to simply praise Ssebbana and instead act on the centrally in respect to democracy in this country.

 “Mzei Ssebaana here was indeed a true democrat and selflessly participated in such processes that demonstrate the core of democracy,” he said.

Mr Semujju asked government and Parliament to uphold this legacy by upholding the Constitution, which the late Ssebaana helped promulgate, especially in regard to the presidential age limit.

“He made a passionate plea to this Parliament to desist from maneuvers of changing Article 102 B of the Constitution that puts a mandatory age limit, this is one of the items being undermined,” said Semujju.

However, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs  Mr Otafiire objected and instead lectured Mr Semujju that the Constitution is not cast on stone and is subject to amendment.

“The Constitution of Uganda is not my property; it is a property of Ugandans,” said Otafiire.

He also added that, “It is not a commandment from God and all articles in the Constitution are subject to amendment when the population of Uganda so choses.”

According to Otafiire, when that time comes today or tomorrow if the people of Uganda say they want a particular article changed, then it will change and vice versa.

The late Ssebaana has been praised as a very amiable person, and intelligent politician who never held back information, wise counsel and wisdom.

The leader of independent legislators Mr Andrew Aja Baryayanga (Kabale Municipality) eulogised the late Ssebaana as a man,  “who lived with his star, each in its own time, an economist, a business man, a politician and much more who influenced a lot of decisions and lives towards the national good far beyond person gains.”

“He viewed politics and public service as a tool for causing positive change in the interest of all Ugandans…a man of all season and that is why he served in different capacities in different political regimes despite his beliefs,” Mr Baryayanga said.

Besides his participation in politics, the late Ssebaana ran a chain of several business, in insurance (State Wide Insurance) and Real Estates with vast plots on Land in Kampala and neighbouring areas.

It is this dedication to the country and struggle for a multi-party dispensation that Mr Semujju said the government should emulate and serve with tolerance of dissent.

Many lawmakers one after another, praised the late Ssebaana, whose legacy is beyond debate.

The late Ssebaana will be laid to rest on Saturday at his ancestral home Pande in Luwero district.



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